Majority of Britain’s wealthy expect recession

Majority of Britain’s wealthy expect recession

YouGov surveyed 514 adults with a household income of £100,000 or more. The results showed Britain’s wealthy are more likely than a similar demographic in the US to feel their country is approaching recession (62% UK, 50% US), with the vast majority of those expecting a recession think the downturn will last longer than a year (73%). One in seven (14%) reckon a recession would last 10 to 12 months, and one in eight (12%) think it’ll be over within three to nine months time. 

Just one in eight of Britain’s wealthy feel confident in the national economy

One in eight affluent Brits (12%) feel confident in the strength of the UK economy at present. A third (33%) remain confident in ‘their personal economy’. Just one in twelve (8%) have faith in the global economy. 

Digging deeper into where this lack of confidence comes from, YouGov asked respondents whether they felt concerned about a range of economic factors, from pensions to cybersecurity. 

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